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Related article: Date: Tue, 20 Mar 2001 23:00:40 -0800 From: Bobby Jakobs Subject: After School 3 This Story is a direct continuation of After School 2, and begins exactly where it left off. The two men marched Bobby into Mr. Williams' office, where Bobby eagerly awaited his punishment. All Lolita Site All Lolita Site Mr. Fisher roughly forced Bobby to his knees, then whipped out his cock and pushed it into the boy's face. Soon Mr. Williams had his cock out, and the boy was alternating between the two stiffening cocks. It didn't take long for the schoolboy's skillful mouth to harden both cocks. Shortly after both cocks had grown to their full lengths, Bobby was bent over the desk, and his clothes ripped away to reveal his ass. Bobby was bracing himself to take the rigid cock up his ass, but instead he felt an odd sticky substance being mushed against his ass, and the mush pushed inside his asshole in small globs. Bobby craned his neck around to see Mr. Williams forcing a banana with the peel removed into his ass. Finally, the banana was either entirely in his hole, or spread across his ass, and Mr. Williams stood up. Soon he was pushing his cock roughly into Bobby's sticky hole, and immediately started pumping him full force. After a minute of hard fucking Mr. Williams pulled out, and Bobby felt Mr. Fisher's larger cock beginning to savage his ass. The two men switched back and forth on Bobby's ass, fucking him brutally for a minute, before pulling out and letting the other man have at him. Bobby could feel the urgency of the thrusts of both men growing, and knew they were reaching climax. Finally one of them pulled his ass flush with their hips and unloaded their balls into his ass. He thought it was Mr. Fisher, but his ass was taking such a beating he could hardly think. The men switched again and the other of the two teachers began pumping his ass, building towards climax. Finally, he felt the relentless pumping culminate and another hot load flooded into his ass. Bobby groaned as the thick juice filled his ass, then he was thrown to the ground. He looked dazedly up at the ceiling and saw the two teachers' grinning faces. "I hope you're hungry Bobby," Mr. Williams said, and put a spoon in Bobby's hand. Bobby looked confused, but Mr. Fisher held Bobby by the wrist and guided the spoon to his asshole. A look of realization crossed Bobby's face as the spoon was pushed into his ass, then pulled out, and Mr. Fisher pushed the spoon with the lump of slime into his mouth. Bobby's eyes lit up as he began to run the spoon back and forth between his ass and his mouth. It felt dirty. These men were forcing him to eat out of his own ass, he felt so degraded... and he liked it. Hell, he loved it! He loved the thought of being a filthy whore to these two men. He loved the thought of a schoolboy being fucked and degraded by two of his authority figures. The fact that he was the schoolboy was just all the more exiting to him. As he brought spoonful after spoonful of the sloppy mess in his ass to his mouth, Bobby could taste all the seperate components mixing into one slimy lump in his ass. He could taste the banana fucked deep into his ass. He could taste the cum of the two men. And he could taste his own ass. Bobby dropped the spoon and began pushing four fingers at a time into his ass, and scooping out huge handfuls of the slime. He smeared the greasy mixture all over his face as he hurried to push handfuls of it into his mouth. The two men laughed as they looked down at the naked boy, laying on the floor and franticly scooping handfuls of the slimy mess out of his asshole, and smear it on his face and into his mouth. "You know that little... party we have been planning Mike?" Mr. Williams asked. A wide grin spread across the other man's face, and he nodded. "Well I think we may have just found a guest of honor," he said, looking down at Bobby, still digging deep into his ass. The two men laughed hard, dressed and walked casually out of the room, leaving Bobby still lying naked on the floor, a slimy mixture of cum, shit and banana smeared over his whole body, and pushing his hands deep into his ass, searching for gobs of the slop all over him. To be continued...
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